By Ken Deutsch

Ken Deutsch writes:

Yet another aircheck has been unearthed of legendary WORM(AM) DJ Johnny Lizard, this one recorded April 10, 1966. It was discovered among a collection of audio surveillance tapes which were used to entrap a California politician. That politician was later charged with unlawful acts involving a pelican and a set of dentures.

WORM Radio Staff

Flip Sydes, WORM midday personality

Anna Graham, WORM public affairs director

Jaqueline Hyde, WORM promotion director

Payola director Bill Foldes

Farm director Manny Akers

Wonderful WORM 5 had a very large and talented behind-the-scenes staff that included: jingle mavens Jon Wolfert, Ken Justiss and Ron Harris; Don Murley, Morgan Cunningham, Radio Dave Milberg, Norman Barrington, Bill Shannon, Linda Deutsch, Mike Neff, John Quincy, Heide Clouse, Sheree Bernardi, Jackie Aniolek and Marty Deutsch. This Johnny Lizard has no association with Ken Levine, Hollywood writer.

Photo retouching by Penn Marx; legal representation by Gil T. Azell, Esquire

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Linda and Ken Deutsch
June 2019

Wonderful Worm 5

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