By Ken Deutsch

Ken Deutsch writes:

Another historic aircheck of this pioneering rock n' roll station was unearthed recently. This one, according to the box label, was recorded August 3, 1962. The retro sounds of Wonderful WORM Radio give us a vivid snapshot of that era of the twist, surf music, and love ballades.

The aircheck features, among others, the voices of legendary air personalities Johnny Lizard and Al Fresco, two DJs remembered for their camaraderie and shared sense of humor.

This top-40 parody featuring the fictitious DJ "Johnny Lizard" is not to be confused with any creative work produced by Ken Levine, a Hollywood writer and jingle fan.

Ken Levine occasionally used the name "Johnny Lizard" when he was in college, a fact of which Ken Deutsch was unaware, and Mr. Levine just wants to ensure that people understand that Wonderful WORM is not connected with him in any way.

Thanks to alert listener Rusty Carr who found this audio tape buried under some men's magazines in his parents' basement this past summer.

Here we see Johnny Lizard with the distinctive haircut devised by his mother. To his right is Shanda Lear, a woman whom he would hurriedly marry several months later when certain facts were made public.

This is Johnny's long-suffering girlfriend, Sunshine Mazewski who was less than pleased when Johnny suddenly married Shanda. Here we see Sunshine suiting up for a sport she invented called "roller-wrestling," which never caught on in Pomona or anywhere else.

Depicted above is Johnny's good friend and fellow DJ on "The WORM," Al Fresco. Al had a bigger than life personality, and speaking of "big," check out those ears!

Lastly we meet Bee Hines, the woman responsible for writing all the local commercials heard on "The Mighty 14-50." She worked at the station for 32 years until a she experienced a mishap involving a purloined hula hoop and an androgynous marmot named "Augie."

Presenting this glimpse into the past required the help of many individuals including Mike Neff, Ted Tatman, Sheree Bernardi, Jackie Aniolek, Dave Milberg, Marty Deutsch, Linda Deutsch, Morgan Cunningham, Greg Clancy (TMStudios.com) and Ken Justiss (SonoDallas.com). We hope you enjoy it.

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Ken Deutsch
Friday, August 24, 2018

Wonderful Worm 4

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