Ken R. Deutsch wrote four highly-acclaimed books in the early 2000s: "The Jingle Book," "The Second Jingle Book," "Up and Down the Dial," and "Growing Up Glencoe." These were all worldwide top-sellers in paperback, but since they have been out-of-print for years, we've had requests to make them available again to a whole new generation of jingle collectors and radio fans.

Guess what? We did it!

These four books are all now included in eBook form in our Ken R Book Bundle Bonanza! For your reading and dancing pleasure, each has been put into PDF format and you'll be happy to know that no special eBook reader, such as a Kindle, is required. For the first time, all four are available in an easy-to-read format for your laptop, desktop, phone or tablet!

Now! Ken's New Jingle Book!

In 2021 Ken Deutsch completed his first new book in almost 20 years, "Jingles And More." For over 35 years, Ken has been a writer for "Radio World." In those years he penned many stories about the scoundrels, lunatics and just plain ego-maniacs he met while working for top-40 giant WOHO(AM), and other less prestigious radio outlets. They have been collected here along with many stories and reference articles about the jingle industry, with an emphasis on the 1960s through the 1980s.

As a bonus you also get Ken's general humor articles about life in these crazy United States. None of these articles has appeared in any of his previous books. Check out Ken's interviews with the likes of JAM/PAMS president Jon Wolfert, WABC's Johnny Donovan, singer Paul Anka, Ron Hicklin (leader of the Los Angeles vocal group), funnymen Soupy Sales and Moe Howard of the Three Stooges! There are actually many more treasures we don't have space to detail here but those who love the intersecting worlds of radio and jingles will not be disappointed. (217 pages)

Jingles And More Table Of Contents
Jingles And More Sample Chapter

To summarize, in the Ken R Book Bundle Bonanza you get all four of Ken's older books, plus his new one, "Jingles and More"!

The Jingle Book

Ken's first book, simply called "The Jingle Book," brings you a trove of interviews with top personalities from PAMS, TM, JAM and other great jingle producers. These include: Jon Wolfert, Tom Merriman, Jim Clancy, Johnny Mann, Gleni Tai, Trella Hart and so many more. Also tossed in are a few more radio stories that will amaze you. (272 pages)

The Jingle Book Table Of Contents
The Jingle Book Sample Chapter

The Second Jingle Book

Go behind the scenes with the Sonovox, the rare singing clock, WKNR's jingles and unique air sound, Tom and Judy Parma, Chuck Blore, Anita Kerr, Dan Alexander (the man who "voiced" the Sonovox at PAMS), Jean Oliver (PAMS lead singer 1961-1965), Jackie Dickson Merriman, and a whole series of chapters devoted to the wonderful world of Pepper/Pepper Tanner/Tanner/Media General. (242 pages)

The Second Jingle Book Table Of Contents
The Second Jingle Book Sample Chapter

Up And Down The Dial

Everyone has funny radio stories, but Ken actually put them into a book. If you ever worked in radio, or listened with a transistor radio to your ear, you'll be able to identify with these! Contests gone very wrong, chintzy general managers, insane and power-crazed program directors, and other unforgettable characters. They are all here. (151 pages)

Up And Down The Dial Table Of Contents
Up And Down The Dial Sample Chapter

Growing Up Glencoe

Jingle historian Ken Deutsch grew up in a small suburb outside Chicago in the 1950s. These are his very personal, warm recollections of that era including his stint as a nine-year-old TV personality (for a week), having an embarrassing incident before a piano lesson, watching horror movies at the Glencoe theater for $.75, his "bad" friends (according to Ken's mother) who tried to lead Ken astray, and a look at the world's coolest restaurant which was in downtown Chicago. (91 pages)

Growing Up Glencoe Table Of Contents
Growing Up Glencoe Table Of Sample Chapter

Exclusive Bonus Content!

Many of Ken Deutsch's samplers are found online for streaming on the Jingle Samplers website. But the audio goodies you get here are exclusive to the Ken R Book Bundle Bonanza!

Ken spent months researching and assembling a massive three-part "Jingles And More" sampler. Each of the three parts is about a half-hour long, which means you get almost 90 minutes of audio in all, narrated by Ken Deutsch, detailing all the lesser-known jingle producers (everyone that is not PAMS, JAM or TM) and providing multiple samples of their work.

In part 1 you'll hear from Coronet, Fairwest, FirstCom, Richard H. Ullman, Johnny Mann, Totalsound, the Money Machine and Nashville Tower (both from "Music City"), Mark Century, Roy Ross, NBC (from the 1930s!), Ben Freedman and more.

Jingles And More Sampler Part 1 Excerpt

In part 2 you'll be introduced to: SESAC, Pepper Sound Studios/Pepper-Tanner/ William B. Tanner Company/Media General, CRC, Sweep Productions, Sande and Greene, Jodie Lyons, Bill Meeks (after PAMS closed in 1978 he kept at it), Toby Arnold, Tuesday Productions, Gwinsound, Tom Merriman (work he did independent of CRC and TM), and Hugh Heller Corporation. Lots more, too!

Jingles And More Sampler Part 2 Excerpt

In part 3: Futursonic, Thompson Creative, Chuck Blore, Yamco (U.K.), Compro Music, Thunder Productions, Hardy Kirk, ICBM, Formatic, Criterion, Otis Conner, Alfasound, Peters Productions, Audio Producers, Studio 10, Century 21 (when they were separate from TM), and Spot Productions of Fort Worth, Texas.

Jingles And More Sampler Part 3 Excerpt

Also as part of the audio bonuses, you get a recent interview (39:03) with Ken Deutsch conducted by radio personality and jingle collector Morgan Cunningham.

Jingles And More Interview Excerpt

All "Jingles And More" bonus audio is in 320 kbps MP3 format.

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The Jingles And More sampler was produced from the archives of Ken R. Deutsch.
No PAMS material is included.

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