Table of Contents for "The Jingle Book"

Forward: Jon Wolfert
Preface: Ken R.

Part 1: Classic Jingles and the People Who Made Them

Chapter 1: Why Did Jingles Sound Like That?
Chapter 2: JAM: Transition to Digital
Chapter 3: Bombs Over Dallas
Chapter 4: What's a Pepper?
Chapter 5: Putting Pepper Together
Chapter 6: Tanner Credits
Chapter 7: The Dragonfly Has Landed
Chapter 8: Johnny Mann on Those KHJ Jingles
Chapter 9: Jingle Pioneer Bill Meeks Dies
Chapter 10: The Little Indian Girl With the Big Voice: Gleni Tai
Chapter 11: Interview With a Legend: Tom Merriman
Chapter 12: Tommy Loy: The Man Behind That Sound
Chapter 13: A Note From Tommy Loy
Chapter 14: Fire That Guy - No, Wait a Minute!
Chapter 15: Don't Tell Jon I Wrote This
Chapter 16: And Now for Something Completely Different: Dick Hamilton
Chapter 17: The Lady With a Song in Her Heart: Anita Kerr
Chapter 18: Bob and Carol Piper, a Love Affair Set to Music
Chapter 19: Daddy Sang Bass: Jim Clancy
Chapter 20: Supporting Players
Chapter 21: David Graupner Listens to Mother
Chapter 22: Just Passing Through - for 35 Years
Chapter 23: Trella Hart, the Lady With Swiszle
Chapter 24: PAMS Oddities

Part 2: My Adventures in the Jingle Biz

Chapter 25: The Adventure Starts
Chapter 26: My First Trip to Mecca
Chapter 27: Saving Private Collections
Chapter 28: Reviving Radio A Go Go
Chapter 29: 'Rare & Scratchy'
Chapter 30: Melody Ranch
Chapter 31: Clients: Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Stab 'Em
Chapter 32: Singers and Sessions
Chapter 33: Making Money in the Jingle Biz (or Not)
Chapter 34: Keeping the Memory Alive
Chapter 35: Please Sir, Could I Pay Some More?
Chapter 36: Jingles: The Final Twist
Chapter 37: Producer's Guide to Early PAMS Series
Chapter 38: Producer's Guide to PAMS Series, the Middle Years.
Chapter 39: Producer's Guide to PAMS Series, the Last Years
Chapter 40: Tingles in the Studio
Chapter 41: Painful Lessons

Part 3: Radio/TV Personalities

Chapter 42: What Do You Say to a Superstar?
Chapter 43: Nancy Goes to Hollywood
Chapter 44: Donovan: Making WABC Sound Great
Chapter 45: Steve Allen: Talk Radio Pioneer
Chapter 46: Interplanetary Encounter With Barney Pip
Chapter 47: The Most Unforgettable Jock I Almost Met
Chapter 48: Brushes With Broadcast Greatness

Part 4: Radio Stuff

Chapter 49: The GM From Hell
Chapter 50: Of Frogs and Men: A Cautionary Tale
Chapter 51: The Saddest Show on Earth
Chapter 52: Affirmative Reaction
Chapter 53: Radio Shines in a Big Storm
Chapter 54: Talk Is Cheap
Chapter 55: Brave Tales of Radio Days
Chapter 56: Radio Commercials for … Radio!
Chapter 57: To Err Is Human
Chapter 58: Little Lady on Tender Mission of Love
Chapter 59: Unforgettable
Chapter 60: Six Producers + One Star = Disaster
Chapter 61: A Fun Suggestion
Chapter 62: Visit to a Small Station

Author Biography

Table of Contents for "The Second Jingle Book"


Part 1: Bill Drake and Friends

Chapter 1: (Tymp Roll) ... And Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Bill Drake
Chapter 2: Bill Drake Programmer: Lee Bayley
Chapter 3: Bill Drake Speaks to Ken R.
Chapter 4: Producing for Drake-Chenault, by Mark Ford
Chapter 5: Another Piece of the Drake Puzzle: Hank Lansberg

Part 2: Misc.

Chapter 6: …And Starring the Sonovox!
Chapter 7: Are Jingles Dead?
Chapter 8: Ask Ken R.
Chapter 9: Client Horror Stories
Chapter 10: The PAMS Jingle Reunion
Chapter 11: Honorable Mention
Chapter 12: Jingle Inspiration
Chapter 13: The Jingle Jungle, by Paul Rosenfield
Chapter 14: The Magic Ingredient
Chapter 15: Mingling Jingles
Chapter 16: Jock in a Box
Chapter 17: The Singing Clock
Chapter 18: So You Want to Become a Jingle Singer? (Part I)
Chapter 19: So You Want to Become a Jingle Singer? (Part II)
Chapter 20: What's There Now? In Search of the Original Jingle Studios
Chapter 21: WKNR: The Jingles
Chapter 22: You Want a Jingle That's HOW Long?
Chapter 23: PAMS in Its Own Words

Part 3: People

Chapter 24: The Parmas: 90 Years of Jingles
Chapter 25: Chuck Blore: Still Innovating
Chapter 26: Jim West: In the Right Place All the Time
Chapter 27: Jingle Crazy
Chapter 28: Let Me Tell You About Mike
Chapter 29: Mr. Big of This Radio Rig
Chapter 30: Phil Kelly, Jingle Writer
Chapter 31: More With Phil Kelly
Chapter 32: Phil Kelly on the Jingle Business Today

Part 4: Singers

Chapter 33: Who Did That Vocal? Judy Parma!
Chapter 34: Anita Kerr: A 25-Year Love Affair With Music
Chapter 35: Dan the Sonovox Man
Chapter 36: Jackie Merriman: Lead Vocalist With a Smile
Chapter 37: Jackie Merriman Continued
Chapter 38: Smooth Sailing With Jean Oliver
Chapter 39: Jodie Lyons: That 'Jet Set' Guy

Part 5: William B. Tanner

Chapter 40: Life on Diana Street: Working at Pepper Tanner
Chapter 41: Pepper Tanner Ad
Chapter 42: William B. Tanner: White-Collar Crime, Then and Now

Part 6: TM Productions

Chapter 43: Long on Jingles
Chapter 44: Don Hagen and the TM Love Train
Chapter 45: The TM 'Fusion' Demo, by Ron Harris
Chapter 46: Ken Justiss Creates a Production Style
Chapter 47: TM Canada: A Northern Exposure, by Doug Thompson
Chapter 48: Ron Harris: Enter Laughing
Chapter 49: The Client Is Always…the Client

Table of Contents for "Up and Down the Dial"


Part 1: Radio Stuff

Chapter 1: Danger Calling
Chapter 2: Hammerlock on My Heart
Chapter 3: Your Career Starts Here, by Gary Travers
Chapter 4: Lessons Learned
Chapter 5: Radio Wonderful, by Ron Harris
Chapter 6: Christmas Novelties
Chapter 7: Calling Paul Harvey
Chapter 8: Shock Jocks Are on the Offensive
Chapter 9: Hello, Cleveland!
Chapter 10: That Other Publication
Chapter 11: The WOHO Carol Tree
Chapter 12: Amok in Las Vegas
Chapter 13: Las Vegas Diary, April, 2003
Chapter 14: Mike Baba, California Dreaming
Chapter 15: In the Court of the King
Chapter 16: Audio Restoration Gets Personal
Chapter 17: Yee, Ha! The Grand Ole Opry
Chapter 18: Jock Itch
Chapter 19: Radio Flyer
Chapter 20: Here! Eat This!
Chapter 21: It's in the Mail
Chapter 22: Thanks, Cat

Part 2: TV and Jingle Stuff

Chapter 23: Channel Surfing
Chapter 24: Child Star to Has-Been in Five Days
Chapter 25: Incident in an Elevator
Chapter 26: Office Managers
Chapter 27: Special Touch
Chapter 28: To Whom It May Concern
Chapter 29: Just a Commercial
Chapter 30: TV Shopping: Turning Minds to Cheese
Chapter 31: Martz

Part 3: Real Life Stuff

Chapter 32: A Cooking Tip From My Wife
Chapter 33: Don't Try This - Anywhere
Chapter 34: Creditworthy
Chapter 35: Haircut of Death
Chapter 36: Guy Stuff
Chapter 37: Hey, Kids!
Chapter 38: Dear Holiday Friends
Chapter 39: Ken's Video Store
Chapter 40: Men Hunt; Women Shop
Chapter 41: Not-So-Great Moments in Advertising
Chapter 42: Phony Express
Chapter 43: Sportscaster Seen Naked!
Chapter 44: Brushes With Greatness
Chapter 45: That's Not Funny!
Chapter 46: Valentine Legend of Love
Chapter 47: I'll Never Forget What's-His-Name
Chapter 48: Uncle Fred

Table of Contents for "Growing Up Glencoe"

Camp? What's Not To Like?
Not Camp Again!
Life in the 50s
House of Deutsch
Media Master
Cub Scouts: What is "50s" for "Dweeb?"
Oh ho ho it's Magic
Child Star to Has-Been in Five Days
Inter-Active TV
Music and More
Hey Kids!
Soundtrack of My Life, 1962
School, Friends and Stripe
Young Punks
Meet the Parents
Look Out Below…
Three Stooges Teach Life Lessons
Maid in America
Ken in the Hood
Attack of the Sci-Fi Movies
So Sorry !
Musical Memories
The Big City
The Milkman
Nancy, my First Love
And in This Ring
Return to Glencoe
The Big Day
Bonus Section
Personal Appearance
U.K. Diary, 2005
Ken's Bio 2010

Table of Contents for "Jingles and More"

Jingle Pioneer Bill Meeks Dies
Early Jingle Collecting
Reel to Reel: 100 Years of Experiments
How Do You Sing That in Arabic?
Jingles from the U.S.A.: No Longer a Big Export
Jingle Producers
Knowing Ben Freedman
Mixing Gwinsound Jingles
Jingles-A-Go-Go (The People behind the Classic ID Jingles of the 60s)
Radio Jingles in the Days of Top 40
Saving Private PAMS Jingles
The Golden Age of Jingles
TM Studios: Inside Jingle Central
Tom Merriman Tribute: Appreciation Runs Deep for Jingle Man
Remembering Johnny Mann
JAM: All Jingles All the Time
Johnny Donovan: Making WABC Sound Great
From Radio to the Simpsons
Soupy Sales and Company: A Kids Show for Adults
Moe Howard: Pie Kind of Guy
Goldmine Magazine
Ron Hicklin and the Voices behind the Hits
Fred Newman: Money Where His Mouth Is
Paul Anka Serenades… Ken?
Interviews Gone Wild
Why Top-40 Ruled
There's a Time and a Place
The Most Unforgettable Jock I Almost Met
WOHO Production Whiz
Adventures in 1970s AM: WOHO's Missing Call Letters
Lighting up the Dial
Adventures in 1970s Radio: The WOHO Carol Tree
And Now, Ladies and Gentlemen…
Talk Radio
Art Vuolo: Still Radio's Best Friend
Adventures in 1970s AM: Visit to the Big Station
Adventures in 1970s AM: Helloooo, Punkie!
Adventures in 1970s AM: Curses! Locked Out!
Fun with Dick and Jane
My Permanent Record
Teachers I have Known (and Mostly Disliked)
Opportunity Knocked
The Almond Cookie
How Much is that Free Set of Encyclopedias?
Very First Recording Session
All's Fair
Whose Fault is This?
The White Hut
Well That Wasn't Fun!
Wee-Tee: Amusement Park of Choice
The Talent Show
The Rare Occasion When Communism Worked
The Esquire Burlesque
The Business of Death
That's Entertainment ---Rainbow Acres
Sixth Grade Romeo
Playing Around
Non-Advice to a High School Graduate
No Experience Needed
Musical Interlude
Movie Memories
Let's Hear It for the Band!
Ken's Video Store
Heck, I'll Be Happy to Do That!
He Gives the Commands
Future Tense
Four-Track Fun!
First Kiss
Babe in the Factory
Fast Food Follies
Attack of the Sci-Fi Movies
Accidental Hippie
Christmas 2019
The Coils of Death
The Prize Girl
Personal Appearance

The Jingles And More sampler was produced from the archives of Ken R. Deutsch.
No PAMS material is included.

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