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The Sonovox has a unique sound that is primarily associated with 1960s and 1970s radio, but is still very much in style today on all sorts of streaming and broadcast classic hits shows. Some jingle producers over the years have tried to emulate that classic Sonovox sound with Auto-Tune, various synthesizers or a Vocoder, but it just isn't the same.

Those that appreciate the sound of a real Sonovox have obtained hundreds of great generic (no call letter) phrases like "more music," "all the hits," "all request radio" and "we have a winner," from's various Pro-Paks which have been sold around the world. But in order to own all of the classic Sonovox phrases we have produced over the years, one would have had to buy our Pro-Paks 1000 through Pro-Pak 11,000!

Now for the first time, we have collected all of our Sonovox lines (550+ of them!) from all 11 Pro-Paks in one place, and we call our new product All Sonovox All The Time.

Plus, we've remastered each cut for maximum clarity and punch -- and there are several new cuts that have never appeared on one of our products.

Categories include: Artists, Contesting, Dayparts, Decades, DJ, Features. Gold & Memories, Holiday, Internet, Miscellaneous, Music, Novelty, Numbers, Radio, Weather, Weekend, and Years.

This is your all-in-one Sonovox Heaven!

Listen to the demo, check out the amazing contents list, hit the "buy now" button and in short order you'll be downloading and using them on YOUR show or station. It's that easy!

All Sonovox All The Time demo

View the All Sonovox All The Time cue sheet here.

Get All Sonovox All The Time for just $39!

All Sonovox All The Time is delivered over the Internet as CD-quality, descriptively-named WAV files, ready to import into your digital audio editor or burn to compact disc. Delivery occurs within 24 hours of receiving payment. Because this is downloaded audio, there are no refunds or exchanges. Please order carefully.

Terms and Conditions for use of All Sonovox All The Time

All Sonovox All The Time is sold on a non-exclusive basis, which means you should purchase it before your competitors do!

When you purchase this fabulous package it means you agree to these simple terms:

You may not duplicate, sell or give away any portion of All Sonovox All The Time to another person or business. You may not transfer to anyone else any portion of your All Sonovox All The Time elements "in the clear," but it's okay if you use them as part of fully-produced stagers and other imaging.

That's it!

You may use All Sonovox All The Time as long as you like with no further payments, and we are able to keep our price this low only because we actively discourage piracy. You should too! Enjoy the sound of these Sonovox cuts, and you'll also enjoy sharing them with your audience!

All Sonovox All The Time was produced from the archives of, and with the cooperation of Ken R. Deutsch.
No PAMS material is included.

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