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In the 1990s Ken R's Pro-Pak and Power-Pellas CDs set the standard for generic jingles and production aids for oldies and classic hits radio stations. Unfortunately, those discs are no longer sold.

What was a small market terrestrial or Internet-based radio station to do if it wants to add professionally-recorded formatic elements for that major market sound -- but there's just no budget?

The answer was Pro-Pak 1000, which we released in the middle of 2019. It included over a thousand generic jingles and other imaging elements. Pro-Pak 1000 was so successful that we scoured our archives for similar material for two sequels, Pro-Pak 2000 and Pro-Pak 3000. They too were big successes. Still, you wanted more.

We're playin' what you're sayin'! The result is Pro-Pak 4000, with over 1300 generic jingles, acapellas, shouts, Sonovox and Vocoder lines, Christmas and other holiday material, voiceovers, news sounders and short musical pieces, guaranteed to add production value to your online or conventional broadcast presentation.

The majority of Pro-Pak 4000 is geared to classic hits and oldies stations. But there are a considerable number of other audio elements that can be used with other formats.

Take a listen to Pro-Pak 4000 in action:

90-second Pro-Pak 4000 demo

Pro-Pak 4000 aircheck demo

Here's what customers said about Pro-Pak 4000:

"I absolutely love, love, love all four Pro-Paks 1000 through 4000. They're awesome! Tons of great stuff. Thank you everyone who worked to bring us these. Each new Pro-Pak is a wonderful surprise, I look forward to each one. Oh, the 'Just for Fun' goodies in Pro-Pak 4 are hilarious!" -- Jim Hunt

"The day I saw this release, I bought it. I had the 1000, 2000, and 3000 Pro-Paks. 100% satisfied. I program an oldies station in suburban Cleveland, and lots of what are on those 'Paks' are on the air (and online) every day on WQGR-FM 93.7." -- Ted Alexander II

"Another great collection of elements! Just when you think the last Pro-Pak couldn't get any better, the next one does! As usual, so much to use, so many jingles that could be made. Thanks for another rockin' Pro-Pak guys." -- Richie Norris

"I've done some digging into Pro-Pak 4000 and it's just so very nice. The jingle packages are killer. They sound so very 1960s." -- Kevin Johnston

"There are some interesting things here. It's going to take some time to work on them. I really like some of the Shoutapellas." -- Jeff Roteman

"Thanks for another great package of jingles with Pro-Pak 4000! Great beds, fillers and news logos -- and many useful acapellas and shouts. A lot to use for my own productions and radio shows." -- Gerrit Lettinck

Included in Pro-Pak 4000:

  • 205 generic jingles, including multiple themed cuts for All-American, Boss of the Beach, The Bright Exciting Sound of Tomorrow, Sound of the 70s, and Young American

  • 237 general purpose acapellas, suitable for tagging on the front or back of an existing sweeper or jingle, or running as a standalone element

  • 130 musical beds from 4 seconds to over a minute, with most having an 80s or 90s feel

  • 66 countdown cuts including acapellas, shouts and fully-produced jingles

  • 23 holiday cuts including acapellas and shouts

  • 208 musical elements including famous radio station logos in 10 styles, top-of-the-hour stagers, tymps, and spot breakers -- plus a vocal version of the US national anthem

  • 62 news jingles and sounders

  • 32 weather jingles and sounders

  • 75 generic shouts and chants for adding onto or mixing with jingles, or running them standalone

  • 89 generic Sonovox lines, including Sonovox years from 1950 to 1999

  • 34 big-time announcer lines ready to turn into produced sweepers and VO/jingle hybrids

  • 65 produced year sings including 1950 to 1999 and "The Class of..." cuts from 1960 to 1975

  • 32 "just for fun" jingles, drops and outtakes including "Are You Naked?" "How's Your Left Leg?" and "Disco Still Sucks" acapellas

Check out the complete Pro-Pak 4000 cue sheet here.

Get Pro-Pak 4000 for only $99!

Pro-Pak 4000 is delivered over the Internet as CD-quality, descriptively-named WAV files, ready to import into your digital audio editor or burn to compact disc. Delivery occurs within 24 hours of receiving payment. Because this is downloaded audio, there are no refunds or exchanges. Please order carefully.

Terms and Conditions for use of Pro-Pak 4000

Pro-Pak 4000 is sold on a non-exclusive basis, which means you should purchase it before your competitors do!

When you purchase this fabulous package it means you agree to these simple terms:

You may not duplicate, sell or give away any portion of Pro-Pak 4000 to another person or business. That means that if you sell produced spots (your voice over one of our beds) that's fine! But you may not transfer to anyone else any portion of your Pro-Pak 4000 elements "in the clear."

That's it!

You may use Pro-Pak 4000 as long as you like with no further payments, and we are able to keep our price this low only because we actively discourage piracy. You should too! Enjoy your jingles and rock on!

Pro-Pak 4000 was produced from the archives of, and with the cooperation of Ken R. Deutsch.
No PAMS material is included.

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