When we were listening to radio back in the 60s and 70s, we loved the music. We loved the jingles, and we loved those amazing jocks. But while we may not have realized it at the time, we also loved the commercials that took up about 1/6 of every broadcast day.

So a big part of every classic hits format today should be what the advertisers were talking or singing about back then. And if you are leaving these out of your programming, you're ignoring a lot of terrific baby-boomer memories that will definitely connect with your audience. now presents: Spot-Pak Volume 3!

When you order our newest product, you get over 500 authentic radio commercials from Coppertone, Honda Motorcycles, Coke, Post Toasties, acne medications, your favorite drive-in movies and so much more! We even have promos for ABC and NBC fall shows. When you play through these high-quality WAV files it'll put you right back in those great years again.

We've sorted these memory-flogging spots into categories like music (ads for the latest K-Tel collection or Byrds albums, for example), cars, ads for long distance, loan companies, gas stations, airlines, beers, cigarettes, soft drinks, food, and more. This makes finding the type of spot you want easy.

Check out the very brief audio demo that just scratches the surface of the great material in Spot-Pak Volume 3!

Then, just hit the "buy now" button, and the link to download this new batch of classic commercials is on its way to your in-box. Or have your significant other do it for you and voila! Instant birthday or Christmas present. You could be on the air with this great stuff tonight or tomorrow!

Spot-Pak Volume 3 Demo

Check out the Spot-Pak Volume 3 cue sheet here.

Get Spot-Pak Volume 3 in Uncompressed WAV format for only $69!

Spot-Pak Volume 3 is delivered over the Internet as descriptively-named WAV files ready to import into your digital audio editor or automation playback system. Delivery occurs within 24 hours of receiving payment. Because this is downloaded audio, there are no refunds or exchanges. Please order carefully.

Terms and Conditions for use of Spot-Pak Volume 3

Spot-Pak Volume 3 is sold on a non-exclusive basis, which means you should purchase it before your competitors do!

When you buy this fabulous package it means you agree to these simple terms:

You may not duplicate, sell or give away any portion of Spot-Pak Volume 3 to another person or business. You may not transfer to anyone else any portion of your Spot-Pak Volume 3 elements "in the clear."

That's it!

You may use Spot-Pak Volume 3 as long as you like with no further payments, and we are able to keep our price this low only because we actively discourage piracy. You should too! Enjoy the classic commercials and rock on!

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Spot-Pak Volume 3 was produced from the archives of, and with the cooperation of Steve Eberhart.

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