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Jingle producers of the 1960s through the 1990s sometimes provided several mixes of each ID jingle purchased, but they never included the unsung versions of the instrumental tracks in the clear.

Now,, in cooperation with Ken R. LLC, breaks the rules with Trak-Pak Volume 1.

Trak-Pak Volume 1 provides all the jingle tracks IN THE CLEAR for 13 of Ken's greatest ID packages.

We also provide for your reference, a sung version of each cut.

That's over 200 jingles and over 200 in-the-clear backing tracks, all provided in uncompressed crystal-clear WAV format.

This is a first! Use them for producing some killer imaging, as talkover elements during DJ shows, or heck, sing your own versions of the jingles!

If you're a serious radio jingle lover, these would be an outstanding addition to your collection.

Trak Pak Volume 1 is just $89. Listen to the demos below and order now!

Trak-Pak Volume 1 Demo A

Trak-Pak Volume 1 Demo B

Trak-Pak Volume 1 includes jingles and tracks from these Ken R. ID packages:

Get Trak-Pak Volume 1 for only $89!

Trak-Pak Volume 1 is delivered over the Internet as CD-quality, descriptively-named WAV files, ready to import into your digital audio editor or burn to compact disc. Delivery occurs within 24 hours of receiving payment. Because this is downloaded audio, there are no refunds or exchanges. Please order carefully.

Terms and Conditions for use of Trak-Pak Volume 1

Trak-Pak Volume 1 is sold on a non-exclusive basis, which means you should purchase it before your competitors do!

When you purchase this fabulous package it means you agree to these simple terms:

You may not duplicate, sell or give away any portion of Trak-Pak Volume 1 to another person or business. That means that if you sell produced imaging (your voice over one of the tracks) that's fine! But you may not transfer to anyone else any portion of your Trak-Pak Volume 1 elements "in the clear."

That's it!

You may use Trak-Pak Volume 1 as long as you like with no further payments, and we are able to keep our price this low only because we actively discourage piracy. You should too! Enjoy your jingles and tracks -- and rock on!

Trak-Pak Volume 1 was compiled from the archives of, and with the cooperation of Ken R. Deutsch.

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