By Ken Deutsch

Tom and Judy Parma were two of the mainstays of Dallas Jingledom. Judy was one of the most accurate and versatile singers in town, and she also wrote vocal arrangements for JAM vocal sessions. She probably sang on more jingles than anyone in Dallas due to her longevity and popularity with producers.

Tom Parma (2004)

Her husband Tom started in the production department, editing tape with a razor blade. He moved up into sales and had at least two of his own production companies over the years. Little known fact: Tom was often the "Yosemite Sam" voice on those novelty cuts in PAMS series 29. Both of the Parmas were sweet people, easy to talk to and fun. Unfortunately they both died of cancer within a few days of each other in December, 2014.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom and Judy in the early 2000s for one of my books, and we are reprinting that chapter here (PDF reader required).

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Ken Deutsch
December, 2014


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