By Tracy Carman

Tracy Carman writes in August 2017:

In March 27, 2000, Peter Kanze and I headed down to TM Century in Dallas. We had been invited through the courtesy of Dave Graupner to go through the archives of TMCI and the recent acquisition of the tapes of MGBS (formerly Tanner). I had made arrangements to be met at TM by a packaging company who brought in 100 22 x 12 x 12 boxes, a ton of "newsblank" paper and sealing tape. I didn't know what to expect and I wanted to be prepared.

The next two days were spent packing up a total of 107 boxes with 1/4" reel-to-reel and DAT masters from the TM storage area ranging from 1979 - 1991. Unfortunately, materials produced prior to 1979 were previously discarded. All in all, we packed a small quantity of tapes compared to the massive aisles of reels which were housed in the hap-hazard storage area. I remember being up to my knees in vinyl and CDs beyond the tapes were were going through. The boxes were shipped by RPS (now FedEx Ground) to a friend's business up here in Massachusetts.

Shortly thereafter, I received a call from TM asking if I had interest in the rest of the reels which we hadn't taken. It had been decided that they wanted the storage area to be used as a salesmen bullpen, and they were going dispose of the balance of tapes if we weren't interested. We quickly made a deal where we would acquire the balance of tapes, renting a warehouse to store and organize them up the hill from where the initial boxes were located. Shortly thereafter, a tractor trailer pulled in, delivering 24 pallets of shrink wrapped tapes stacked five feet high.

Initially, around 300 CDs were made from the tapes, carefully baking the reels, as needed, and fixing a lot of dried out splices and leader tape. From these, I created a twenty minute sampler I shared with subscribers. Eventually, the sampler grew to over sixty minutes, and it was previously only available through purchase on our website. It's been unavailable to the public for the last five years, and I've just dusted off the master CD so that it can be publicly disseminated. Hopefully you'll enjoy hearing these cuts as much as I did when making it. Oh... and there are only around 22 more pallets of tapes awaiting transfer...!

Tracy Carman's Millennium One Sampler

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