By Norman Barrington

WABC 50 years in 50 minutes
Norman Barrington's big chronological montage

I have tried to use less familiar cuts, and for added interest, a sprinkling of cuts that never made it on air (often for obvious reasons). I have avoided basic demo cuts, so as not to be predictable, but where they do appear I have rendered them in stereo, whereas normally they would be only heard in mono.

Although my chronology might not be perfect, it's fairly consistent, thus illustrating the changing styles as the decades rolled by.

I hope you agree it captures the different facets of arguably America's biggest station, as well as the well respected presenters.

Siday, Ross, CRC, PAMS, Homegrown, Pepper(!), Thunder, and JAM are all represented.

It struck me that Jon Wolfert at JAM has managed to keep the WABC account for longer that all the other jingle companies put together by a long shot, a fitting tribute to WABC's number #1 fan and expert, thus I dedicate this sampler to him.

All copyright owners duly acknowledged.

Norman Barrington
November 2023

WABC 50 years in 50 minutes sampler

All copyrights acknowledged.

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