By Ken Deutsch

1961 was a busy year for PAMS starting with Series 16, "Sound of the City."

Singer Terry Lea Jenkins was utilized as the solo vocalist for this record-length song, customized for each market. Titled "My Home Town," the background instrumental track was always the same, but lyrics were changed for each city to call out some of the local points of pride. Many stations chose to press their city song onto a 45 RPM disc to distribute.

WTMA's "Charleston My Home Town" 45 rpm record
(The Sonovox Waltz from Series 18 is on the flip side)

Later in 1961 PAMS produced other popular jingle packages including Series 17, "New Frontier" and Series 18, "Sonosational." It was also the year PAMS moved into its new studio on Office Parkway.

We present here for your listening and dancing enjoyment a selection from the over 100 different city songs created by PAMS of Dallas.

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